Tooth-Colored Fillings

We all want a smile that we know is healthy as can be. But a great smile is important to everyone’s confidence, so it's also important to have a healthy smile that is also attractive.

At Brazos Dental Associates, we focus on providing treatments that restore function and deliver the most cosmetically pleasing results.

Dental fillings play an essential role in keeping your teeth healthy and strong. If your tooth becomes damaged due to decay or disease, we can use a tooth-colored filling to restore the tooth to its full strength, function, and beauty.

Safety and Durability

Dr. Rychetsky stays current with the latest updates in dentistry. He uses only the highest quality materials that are safe and improve the health of your teeth. Silver amalgam fillings are still a good choice in certain cases; however, they leave a lot to be desired esthetically. For this reason, the best choice for fillings on the teeth that show when you smile is composite material.

Tooth-colored fillings are made of a dental composite, a durable material that can be matched to the shade of your natural teeth. This allows us to create a dental restoration that blends seamlessly with surrounding tooth structure. Since composite fillings look so much like your natural teeth, we can use them to correct a variety of dental concerns:

  • Repairing cracked or broken teeth
  • Filling in minor chips
  • Improving the shape of irregular teeth
  • Filling uneven spaces between teeth
  • Replacing old, dark silver fillings

We believe in investing in technology that makes your treatment more effective, efficient, and comfortable. Digital x-rays are valuable for detecting many oral health problems. But they are particularly effective for spotting cavities, because we can find potential problems long before we would find them with traditional film x-rays.

Another invaluable technology is called CariVu. CariVu uses infrared illumination to make your dental enamel appear translucent. This actually allows Dr. Rychetsky to see through the tooth to expose its structure and illuminate decay (caries) inside the tooth in its earliest stages. In many cases, using CariVu allows us to do away with the need for x-rays at all!

Whole, Healthy Teeth

Composite fillings are also beneficial because they allow us to remove only the decayed portion to create a restoration that’s durable and enhances your oral health. With any dental treatment performed at Brazos Dental Associates, it’s our goal to preserve as much natural tooth structure as possible to keep your smile whole and healthy for many years.

Achieving a healthy, beautiful smile doesn’t need to involve lots of costly and complex procedures. Fillings made of tooth-colored composite material are just one example of the type of cost-effective treatment we can use to correct cosmetic dental problems and keep your teeth healthy.

Personalized Treatment

We want you to leave our office with a healthier smile than when you arrived. Dr. Rychetsky’s up-to-date experience, training, and attention to detail ensures that you will always receive the highest quality dental care available. And by spending time listening to your concerns and desires, we can tailor your treatment to fit your needs perfectly.

The whole team at Brazos Dental Associates would welcome the opportunity to show you the difference that our friendly, personalized approach can make to your oral health care. Please contact our College Station dental office, and a member of our team will be happy to arrange an appointment at your convenience.