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When it comes to your dental care, you have a right to ask questions.

At Brazos Dental Associates, we believe that no question is too small. You're not expected to be an expert in your dental care – that's our job! But there are often decisions to be made about certain treatments where you need to feel like you can turn to a trusted source who has your best interest at heart.

Patient education plays a huge part in the services we provide, and we take the time to thoroughly answer your questions while you're in our office. But there's always one more question that comes to you, so we've listed a few that we tend to hear more often. If yours isn't listed here, please don't hesitate to contact us, and a helpful member of our team will do everything possible to help you find the answer you need.


We believe your child deserves the very best possible start with their oral health. That is why we refer infants and toddlers to trained pediatric specialists. When they've outgrown the need for a pediatric dentist, we'll take over.

We generally like to introduce children to our practice around the age of 12 to take over their dental needs as they progress into teen years and adulthood. At this age, the pediatric portion of their dental development will have taken place. They usually have all their permanent teeth, and we can check to see how things are developing and perform services like exams and cleanings. 

Even older children need a little friendly encouragement when it comes to dental visits. If this is your child’s first visit with us, we’ll take all the time needed for them to get comfortable with us. The goal of this visit is for us to meet them and let them see that going to the dentist can actually be an enjoyable experience! We'll show them equipment they're not used to and show them how it's used. We'll perform the usual exam and, if necessary we'll use digital x-rays (no film), to take pictures of their mouth to get a baseline for future treatment.

We understand how important it is that we gradually get your child used being around us in the office environment. Dr. Rychetsky and our professional team take all the time necessary to treat kids of all ages with the special attention they need to help them feel safe and secure.

As parents, we know that you probably have concerns about your older child’s first trip to the dentist. Please do not hesitate to contact our College Station dental office, and we’ll be happy to arrange a visit so you can get to know Dr. Rychetsky and our caring team.

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