Digital X-Rays

At Brazos Dental Associates, we believe it’s our duty to provide our patients with state-of-the-art technology that ensures optimal oral health. 

One of the updated types of technology we use to keep your family’s teeth strong and healthy is digital radiography (x-rays). While older film x-rays are an effective tool and have been for decades, we believe that digital x-rays are superior for both health and practical reasons.

The Digital X-Ray Difference

During a traditional x-ray, a member of our team positions a small piece of equipment called a bitewing in your mouth. The bitewing is the film for the x-ray. The film absorbs radiation from the x-ray device, creating an image of your teeth.

With a digital x-ray, Dr. Rychetsky places a sensor in your mouth that looks similar to the film used for traditional x-rays. The sensor is electronic, however, not film.

Using a beam of radiation focused precisely on the tooth, the sensor captures highly detailed images of the teeth and other parts of your mouth. This information is then sent electronically to a computer so you and Dr. Rychetsky can both view it on a computer monitor mounted next to your dental chair.

Advantages of Digital X-Rays

Despite the concerns of many people, even old-fashioned film x-rays expose you to a very minor amount of radiation. However, even that amount is still reduced significantly using digital x-rays. Estimates vary, but in general, digital x-rays expose patients to as much as 90% less radiation than the older film x-rays.

  • Problems like dental infection may go undetected until they’re advanced enough to view on a traditional x-ray film, making them more complicated to treat. 
  • A digital x-ray is healthier for you. But it is also provides significantly more detailed results, making it much easier for Dr. Rychetsky to read. We can view the image together, magnify it, adjust the contrast, and make it brighter.
  • This precise image makes treatment planning easier for the doctor, and gives you a detailed picture of the problem and how proposed treatment will help. 
  • Since there is no hazardous material to dispose of, digital x-rays are also safer for the environment.

All digital files are stored here in our College Station dental office for your safety and security. Since digital images are easier to store, we can easily access and evaluate your records and share them with a specialist or your insurance company as necessary.

Dr. Rychetsky may also recommend x-rays so that he can better understand the structure of the inside of your teeth. This additional knowledge increases his ability to create the most appropriate care plan for your unique situation.

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